About Forbes Xpress

Forbes Xpress is India’s premium and award winning Payments Network, which offers a wide basket of services such as Recharge, Money Transfer, Bill Payments, Ticketing etc. Forbes Xpress is a pan India payments network and is based on a robust, scalable and reliable platform that promises 100% uptime for all the services offered. Forbes Xpress is also backed by a NNOCC centre and a customer support setup for fast and timely resolution of queries.


Be a pioneer and market leader in digital payments and services, leveraging innovative technologies, meeting the objectives of digitization of payments and consumer convenience, while providing additional earning opportunities for small business owners


  • Build India’s largest multi-mode, multi-channel, multi-service, multi city payments and services network
  • Empower business partners to deliver reliable, real-time services via a trusted, secure and scalable digital platform
  • Create earning opportunities for business partners
  • Enable “sachetization*” of financial services to cater to the Indian masses
  • Provide the widest basket of services through a single platform
  • Become a preferred choice digital platform by enhancing customer convenience, both through assisted and direct transaction modes